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Cetis is a preferred or approved supplier of hotel phones to the world’s leading hotels, hotel franchise corporations, and hotel management companies. In Las Vegas alone it is estimated that more than 250,000 Cetis hotel phones are installed in star-rated hotels.|

|Cetis is a global leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and support of analog and VoIP corded, cordless, and VoIP cordless touchscreen hotel phones. When choosing hotel phones for your renovation or new construction project, consider the Cetis Advantage.
Choose from the three leading hotel phone brands in the world, including Teledex, TeleMatrix, and Scitec.
  • Cetis hotel phone brands are known and trusted in the hospitality industry. They are are preferred or approved by major hotel chains worldwide.
  • Cetis hotel phones have a demonstrated record of reliability and in-service performance.
  • As a proven hospitality industry supplier, Cetis helps eliminate quality and performance risks that could be associated with purchasing hotel phones.
Choose from the hospitality industry's most complete line of hotel phones, including 12 distinct hotel phone design families:
  • Teledex D Series, Diamond Series, E Series, I Series, M Series, Nugget Series, Opal Series (7)
  • TeleMatrix 9600/3300 Series, 3100 Series, Retro Series (3)
  • Scitec Aegis-08 Series, Emergency Series (2)
  • Because Cetis hotel phones enjoy a low 0.001% out-of-box failure rate, hoteliers appreciate years of trouble-free service.
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  • Upscale Teledex is the preferred Cetis brand hotel phones for our Four-Star and Five-Star hotel partners.
  • MidScale Major MidScale hotel franchise corporations specify competitively priced TeleMatrix brand hotel phones by Cetis.
  • Economy Value never looked so good to our loyal Scitec economy hotel partners.
  • In our U.S. warehouses alone, Cetis maintains an average inventory of 300,000+ hotel phones.
  • Additional hotel phone inventories are available through Cetis warehouses located in United Kingdom, China, Dubai, Mumbai, and Malaysia.
  • Cetis analog and VoIP technical support teams are deployed worldwide to meet the growing requirements of our partners.
  • Cetis customer service, account management, marketing, accounting, production, quality control, and shipping teams
  • Teledex Diamond, the first, and still most popular hotel phone in the world, was introduced in 1990.
  • Teledex I Series hotel phones were introduced in 2006 as the first VoIP sets developed specifically for hospitality applications.
  • More than 300,000 Cetis hotel IP phones are installed and supported globally.
  • 30+ million Cetis hotel phones are installed and supported worldwide.
  • Cetis ships an average of 900,000 hotel phones annually.


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